Book Review

Yup - I'm selling out. I'm doing a book review. The ultimate sign that you don't have the time to write something good for your blog . . . but I have a saving grace. I'm going to review a book ----- that won't be published. Yup, that's right. Someone I knew was writing a book. A [...]


Leibster Award Thingy

Thanks, @ for nominating me. . . I'm not super familiar with this kind of thing. All I'm sure about is that 99% of the bloggers I've seen have been nominated for this. I think the rules are -  but I'm not sure, since I can't read.   Question time! 1.  What are your three least [...]

Moan, Alone

green grass growing blue bubbles flowing silver suds snowing and wind blowing   so why does it feel like I’m alone?   feel as if I’m dying like I won’t start flying will not leave, lying not denying, yet implying   and why is it that in pain all things moan?   seeing withering grass [...]

I’ve Been Published!

Guess what? Something I submitted somewhere has been published! How can you find it? Go here at Mending A Broken Chain. The story has previously appeared here on the blog but I took it dow so if you want to read it, you'll have to go to the site. Also, I'm supposed to be encouraging [...]

Writing Contest

One of my friends has started a free monthly writing contest! As I said before, I’ll post a challenge prompt every month or so, and readers will have the opportunity to write a short story based on that prompt. After that, you have a chance to vote on your favorite stories. Voting on your own [...]

Attack of Bottle

A short story. Very short. Since its 150 words, it's pretty poetic. Have fun! I run, attempting to outpace death. Death follows, in the form of broken bottles, broken bottles of alcohol. I stop, winded, and the temptation catches me. Once again I am caught, I lose, and am brought back to the starting line. [...]