Live life together – J13

Inspired by someone. You know who you are, gurl. As always, for the email readers, the website itself is much more beautiful and much more aesthetic. I’m not going to pretend that I’ve never thought about my own wedding. I’m not even going to pretend that I haven’t thought about who that wedding might… Continue reading Live life together – J13


A party of horror with my own anxious insanity – cw13

This one is really short because of the assignment - no letter "E's" allowed. It's supposed to have a horror/weird vibe. I'm guessing probably half of you will be confused and the other half will love it. I stand. I watch. Staring at a party. Not my party. I can’t laugh at a party.… Continue reading A party of horror with my own anxious insanity – cw13

You thought you could – CW12

A piece I didn't like, but oh well. “Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for. We’ve been searching in the dark, our sweat soaking through the floor. Looking at the char of those bones that you can't ignore. The fire took his breath, stole his mind, and all the evidence was… Continue reading You thought you could – CW12

Jeffrey – J12

Jeffrey. He’s six foot one, black, and a peacemaker. Everybody loves him. After all, he feels more real than anyone else. He’s open, transparent. In short - or rather, in tall -, he’s loveable. He’s also completely fake. As in, he doesn’t exist. He’s a fraud.