On the death of George Floyd

So many of these posts end up as virtue signalling, or intentionally divisive.  Some of us focus on getting justice for George Floyd, others on remembering him. Some of us focus on the prosecution of the police officers who murdered him, others on protecting the reputations of police officers completely unrelated. Some are horrified by… Continue reading On the death of George Floyd

Me – moving forward

Some of this is sensitive, and all very personal - if you don't want to be thrust into my life, don't read. If you're not able emotionally to handle discussion of sin, sadness don't read. But at the same time, know that through the storm, the pain, the messed up mistakes and person I am,… Continue reading Me – moving forward

Media in my Story – s7

For this assignment, I had to connect my story with a number of different kinds of media. For those of you reading in email, this post is important to read on the site. Film Score for my Story https://open.spotify.com/track/6m9qzuNHZLAZv1KK3eEWnT?si=xAWs5IA9TtemLNDPEableQ This song captures Kiera's response to her (former) job as a culture blogger xhttps://open.spotify.com/track/6PjVB3PEoiMscyw7HD2lKO?si=OzRRzHPPR5GWkbWlukuWkQ https://open.spotify.com/track/6PjVB3PEoiMscyw7HD2lKO?si=OzRRzHPPR5GWkbWlukuWkQ This… Continue reading Media in my Story – s7

You don’t deserve power over death until after you’ve shown yourself responsible with life. (s7)

A speech from Theo Carson, day after diagnosis, at a fundraiser. “Hello all. I’m Theo Carson, and I have a message for you. Yesterday, I was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors don’t know how long I have, yet, or if I have a chance at beating this thing. A lot of people would start off… Continue reading You don’t deserve power over death until after you’ve shown yourself responsible with life. (s7)