My name is Josiah DeBoer. I am somewhere between 6 and 600 and I am probably either a guy or a girl. I write somewhere between all the time and never. (See how specific I can be?) Actually, I write a lot. I try to post on here multiple times a week and at this point have a lot of old work up here as well. I don’t think any of it is canonical at this point so feel free to go exploring in my old posts!

Some of my work is going to be posted on this blog, others can be found on various other websites. As I get published elsewhere, I’ll put links up here.

Where else do I write?

  1. I am the co-owner of King, Queen, Joker, Ace, a superhero story where everything goes wrong. I’m really excited about this project because I think we found a really fresh take on the classic superhero story and our characters are really three dimensional. So far I’ve written chapter one, chapter three, and chapter seven and the first interlude. My colleagues have filled in the rest of the story. If you want to find more of my work then this blog is a great place to check, especially since we are a ways into this story.
  2. I will occasionally be contributing to this other blog. This site works as a sort of anthology of dragons and is really cool to go and play around in, although none of us have written much as far as storytelling thus far.
  3. I’ve submitted my work to numerous other magazines/contests/websites and have either been rejected or have not heard back from them. I will continue working on it until then and will put it up on here when I find them.