The Hitler Diaries

I’m writing from the perspective of Adolf Hitler. I find it fascinating how almost everyone tries to rationalize what they do, even if it is found universally evil. In order so that you can understand some of the contexts, Hitler was born in 1889. All events, including his decision as an eight-year-old to enter the [...]

Assignment 6 – The Tides of Life

I started on this story and then gave up on it because I kinda hated how I was butchering it. Then I gave it to hope and she worked magic with it.

About the first quarter of the writing is mine and most of the idea but the ending is hers. (I really didn’t see it coming) And, with that, enjoy, The Tides Of Life

The Book of Endless Pages

Author’s Note: I went a full page over the 3 page feedback limit, but I think it was worth it. This story wouldn’t feel complete without the ending.

Author’s Note 2: The idea and first few paragraphs of this story were sent to me by Josiah, who considered it dead and wondered if I (or any of the others who got the email) could revive it. I have the self-proclaimed rights to it now, but I give full credit to Josiah for the idea.

Katherine has a problem. She’s tried to get Matt’s affection for years now, and is still ‘just a friend’. That all changes, however, when Matt’s girlfriend Becca dumps him. Katherine has a chance to confort and -hopefully- be with Matt. Will it work out? Will her dreams finally be fulfilled?

I can list the things I’ve done to get Matt to love me. I’ve given him…

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Feels -A6

Tom suffers from clinical depression. He isn't motivated to do anything. His roommate, Winston, is absurdly peppy. In this battle of wills, who will win out? It’s 11:35 again. I get up, take my pills and go back to bed. The doctors say that I’m clinically depressed but that’s not how I feel. Instead, I [...]

Wings – SCW5

  Sarah and Justice live 150 years from now in a world ruled by an oppressive government. Because out of wedlock pregnancies result in poorer economic individuals, they have begun placing chips into individual’s brains that don’t allow women of childbearing age to be within 2 feet of men not approved of by the government. [...]

A Reversal Of Names

Another piece of flash fiction submitted to the Ad Hoc weekly writing contest.   The Cat Lady lives alone - solo. Some days not even her cats are there anymore but she doesn’t know anymore. The Cat Lady is alone and needy but the cats take care of her. The Cat Lady no longer feeds [...]

Dead Run {A4}

In this story, Chuck is a secret service agent. He's tasked with saving the president but isn’t sure if he wants to. On top of that, if he doesn’t choose soon, thousands die. Chuck was meant to be somebody’s sidekick, but whose?  Dead Run I duck and the bullet whizzes over my head. How did [...]

Weekend Update – My Desk Got Messy

My normal Saturday routine is to check to see if I have any parties to go to, see that I’ve got nothing, cry for about two seconds, and then clean the house. On Saturday I actually had something to go to! I did my happy dance (Note to self - next time put down steak [...]