Living Sacrifice

Suri lives on Mars where she will soon go to Earth on a sacrifice mission. Will she survive? Who knows.   My name is Suri.   I live on Mars.   And I’m a living sacrifice.   New Athens is a city of the arts. Buildings representing the ancient Greek styles are flanked by traditional [...]


The Hitler Diaries

I’m writing from the perspective of Adolf Hitler. I find it fascinating how almost everyone tries to rationalize what they do, even if it is found universally evil. In order so that you can understand some of the contexts, Hitler was born in 1889. All events, including his decision as an eight-year-old to enter the [...]

Feels -A6

Tom suffers from clinical depression. He isn't motivated to do anything. His roommate, Winston, is absurdly peppy. In this battle of wills, who will win out? It’s 11:35 again. I get up, take my pills and go back to bed. The doctors say that I’m clinically depressed but that’s not how I feel. Instead, I [...]